Past Events

Orbit2006 International Conference [Sept 13-15,2006]

Orbit (Organic Recovery and Biological Treatment) 2006, Biological Waste Management, 5th International Conference, one of the most influential conference in Europe, was held in Weimar, Germany from Sept 13 to Sept 15. The program offered fruitful sessions by 230speakers from 38countries and many scholars、policy makers, business persons and citizens were present and they had a great chance to deepen their knowledge about the latest movement on biomass. JORA, as a supporter of this conference, cooperated with ORBIT for inviting papers and sent 6 persons as speakers.

ANOR Steering Committee Meeting [June, 2006]

  1. Dr. Chino from JORA as Chair, Dr. Xu from Zhejiang University as Vice Chair and JORA as Secretariat were remained in office at the Steering Committee Meeting held by e-mail in June and their term of office is from July1,2006 to June30, 2008.
  2. Dr. Iswandi Anas, head, the Laboratory of Soil Biology, Department of Soil Science and Land Resources, Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University(IPB) Indonesia, Dr. Muhammad Akmal, Assistant Professor, Department of Soil Science and Soil & Water Conservation, University of Arid Agriculture Rawalpindi, Pakistan and Dr. Anton Perera, Lecturer, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Ruhuma, Sri Lanka have been appoved as new members at the same meeting. ANOR members, as of July1,2006 are 31organizations from 18countries and regions.

ANOR General Meeting [June, 2006]

Five Steering Committee members, Dr. Chino from JORA, Dr. Xu from Zhejiang University, Mr. Gilley Gillespie from Department of Environment and Conservation, New South Wales, Australia, Dr. Kamaruddhin Abdullah from Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia and Dr. Nam-Cheon Kim from Korean Organic Recycling Association were remained in office at the General Meeting held by e-mail in June and their term of office is from July1,2006 to June30,2008.

International Conference on Organics Recycling in Hangzhou, China. [Oct 9-11, 2004]

This conference was hold at Zhejiang University and 20speakers from 10countries gave lectures and they were highly appreciated by audience.

ANOR General Meeting [June, 2006]

Please refer to the minutes
Together with ISOR , this meeting was held at Akita Prefectural University and Steering Committee members discussed followings.

  1. Revise of rule: Private companies have been added to membership.
  2. Application of members: Each one organazation from Nepal, Thailand and New Zealand and two organizations from Australia have been approved as new members. Members increased to 27organizations of 14contries from 10organziations of 10countries at the biginning.
  3. Past activities: Collection of data about the amount of generation of main organic waste in each member country and publication of 11Newletters by Steering Committee members as of today.
  4. Future activities: A proposal from Mr. Gillespie, Department of environment and Conservation, New South Wales Australia, to investigate the tranfer of nutrient from one country to another was discussed among participants including observers and Steering Comittee members agreed to continue further study.

 ANOR Steering Commitee Meeting  [Oct 6, 2004]

International Symposium on Organics Recycling in Akita
(please refer to [Oct 5-7, 2004]

This symposium was held at Akita Prefectural University and 18speakers from 8countries gave lectures on organics recycling. More than 200people from 10countries were participated and ISOR was highly evaluated as it was very active and useful symposium.
International Symposium on Organics Recycling in Akita

General Meeting [June 16, 2004]

The General Meeting was held by e-mail on 16/June,2004 and Rules have been revised and Steering Commitee members have been reappointed effective from 1/July,2004.

General Meeting [June 24, 2002]

“Asia Network on Organics Recycling (ANOR) was established.”

General Meeting  [June 24, 2002]
Exchanging Letter of Intent

Inaugural General Meeting of ANOR was held on June 24, 2002 at Zenkyoren Building (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo).

The Asia Network of Organics Recycling aims to promote a common understanding and awareness of the recycling of organic waste among related organizations and groups in the Asian region, realize effective and lasting collaboration in activities, promote waste reduction and resource and energy conservation in the region, and contribute to the sustainable conservation of the Earth’s environment.

Representatives of 10 organizations in Asian region are participated at the Inaugural General Meeting of ANOR as the establishment members and Letter of Intent were exchanged.

ANOR web-page were being opened to the public.

Inaugural General Meeting
Inaugural General Meeting
Exchanging Letter of Intent
Exchanging Letter of Intent