Asia Network of Organics Recycling (ANOR)

Established: June 24, 2002


  1. Humans must prevent the deterioration of Earth’s environment and conserve Earth as a beautiful planet with clean air, water and land, and as a planet rich in various resources. Now is the time to improve social and economic systems from those of mass production, mass consumption and mass disposal to those of material recycling, and to reduce environmental burden of waste disposal.
  2. The Network shall aim to contribute to the preservation of the Earth’s environment, the creation of a sustainable society and the prosperity of the people by reducing organic waste and promoting maximum diversion of organic materials from landfill and incineration to utilization as organic resources.


  1. With regard to the present situation and future challenges of organics recycling and environmental conservation activities, the Network shall exchange information and opinions based on science among members, deepen mutual understanding to develop friendship, and promote the recycling of organic resources.
  2. The Network shall facilitate support and cooperation among members in promoting the awareness of and developing human resources for organic resource recycling.
  3. The Network shall set standards for the smooth distribution of products made from recycled resources in the region and develop these standards in stages into international standards.
  4. For the smooth promotion of the activities described above, the Network shall strengthen its links to and cooperation with organizations engaged in similar activities in other areas, such as Europe and the United States.
  5. The Network shall conduct other activities required for the achievement of its aim.