New Zealand

The amount of generation of main organic wastes

Organic wastes Kinds of organic wastes Amount Year
Agriculture Rice straw Nil
Wheat straw unknown
Chaff unknown
Vinyard waste unknown
Subtotal 7,144
Stock farming Animal manure 200 million tonnes 2003
Stock residue unknown
Subtotal 200 million tonnes
Forestry Bark 125,000 tonnes 2002
Sawdust 2 million tonnes
Chip of wood included with sawdust
Subtotal 2.1 million tonnes 2002
Food processing Animals and plants residue unknown
Sludge unknown
Construction Construction wood 220,000 tonnes 2002
Garbage House hold and office 416,000 tonnes
Grass and wood Wood included in construction wood
Sludges Sewage sludge 292,000 tonnes
Nightsoil none collected
Johkaso sludge
Rural community sludge none collected
Total 292,000 tonnes

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