The amount of generation of main organic wastes

Organic wastes Kinds of organic wastes Amount(×104 ton) Year
Agriculture Rice straw 1,550 (2000)
Wheat straw none
Chaff 490 (2000)
Palm Oil (Empty Fruit Bunch) 1,000 (2000)
Palm Oil (Effluent & residues) 2,000 (2000)
Coconut Husk 848 (1998)
Sugar Cane Tops 885 (1998)
Tapioca waste 248 (1998)
Cocoa Pods 62 (1998)
Pineapple Brans 61 (1998)
Subtotal 7,144
Stock farming Animal manure 1,022 (1999)
Stock residue no data
Subtotal 1,022
Forestry Bark no data
Sawdust no data
Chip of wood no data
Food processing Animals and plants residue no data
Sludge no data
Construction Construction wood no data
Garbage House hold and office 450 (2002)
Grass and wood Wood no data
Sludges Sewage sludge 500m3
Nightsoil no data
Johkaso sludge no data
Rural community sludge no data