A great variety of wastes including kitchen garbage, residual waste from the food industry, human sewage, animal excrement, residual waste from the farming and forestry industries, livestock waste and various types of sludge are all unused organic resources that can be reused or recycled. It is our duty to solve such issues as the reduction and utilization of wastes as resources and food security, in order to preserve the global environment and ensure the prosperity of mankind. All of these wastes must therefore be combined and utilized as fertilizers or feeds in respective areas, according to their characteristics and regional suitability.
  The utilization of unused organic resources must start with voluntary efforts of people, and the final objective can only be achieved when individual entities throughout the country recognize what must be done and work together in partnership.

The Japan Organics Recycling Association (JORA) was established on March 29, 2002.
JORA shall aim to utilize organic resources for effective uses and to promote material recycling and reduction of environmental impact in Japan..